Friday, November 13, 2009

Sitting, thinking..

Today I get to sit in another car shop as my car gets looked at and worked on. Emissions inspection and something strange that's happening with my ignition. I turn the key and nothing happens. It doesn't seem to be the battery so is it the starter?! or ignition wires or what? As with most of us that live in the suburban/rural areas I rely heavily on this car. I will dutifully fix it if it needs it because I cannot operate my business or go to my job without it. So I will wait here until they come to me with their opinions on what needs to be done. Then I will leave, probably broke, and get back to business.

Some thoughts have been circulating in my mind relating to 2012 and traumatic experiences and the like. The other night I had a dream that me and Stephanie lived in an apartment building a couple of floors up. We had just woke up and we opened the windows. The view was of a very distant Philadelphia with the morning Sun just breaking the clouds. As we looked we saw a strange object fall from the sky and it fell back behind the city. Then without a moments notice great big clouds of dirt raced into the sky and came at us at a tremendous speed. We tried to close the windows as if that would have helped. The dust and dirt banged against the windows and the wind howled. We huddled in the bed not sure what was going to happen next.

After a while we got up and looked outside. The sky was covered completely by the clouds of dust. People in the building were leaving to get away but for some reason we stayed thinking it would all be better soon. We said "They should turn on the electric again in a few weeks. All we have to do is ride it out."
So we stayed and collected water from the pipes and after two weeks the situation turned dire. Plenty of water but no food! So we decided to leave. And we didn't get far..... That is the end.

If I was really in this situation I always say I will drop everything and drive as far south as I can as if it is some kind of promised land that won't be effected. But the reality is I probably won't be able to do this.
So I could struggle here or struggle there. Struggle seems to be the idea either way you look at it.
Life's purpose is simply to be life. Live. The real battle is to try to stay alive. At some point most of us will face this challenge and I hope you do well.

I began my studies with the Mayan calendar some years back as an astrology tool but I liked to use the contemporary astrology. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. The Mayan system didn't take hold until I started working with Aluna Joy's book The Mayan Pleiadian Cosmolgy. After a while I adjusted to really like the system. One thing I did notice was a change to my art. My doodles changed. My direction in drawing changed.

I personally see the magnitude of what is happening in the Mayan calendar and how the Mayans utilized and related the calendars to certain systems of stars and planets. We can only imagine what might happen at its conclusion.
There are some contrary calendar systems that put the end of the calendar in October 2010.
Is that too soon for you? Your last day may be today. Your own personal calendar end and judgment day.
The lesson for me has been to see this dream as a time to get my head straight. I am dreaming awake. I can still use the calendars to benefit myself and others and prepare for my day whether that is today, tomorrow or in December 2012.

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