Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A fuuny thing happened on the way to the forum.

Okay so my last post was a bit of a bummer but what great information!
Moving on into more glorious things I would love to spill a tale of a dream I recently had.
Well ..........(enter dream scape).....
I am driving in a city with large buildings all around. I come to a stoplight with other traffic in front of me and behind, and the next thing i realize is that I have been sitting in a sort of daze at this light for way way too long! I come to my senses and hear a strange humming sound , sort of rhythmic
(hmmm,hmmm,hmmm,hmmm) I look up just past the intersection and I see this huge somewhat round object floating in a parking lot area. Now I see that not only the humming but also strange lights are coming from this floating object!

I am immediatly gripped with fear and realize that this thing has been holding me hypnotized and has frozen the dream of me driving around in a city!( I can't recall what I was doing prior)

I get it together leaving the car I was in and advance forward and to the right of this double decker parking lot. The object seemed not to notice too much and kept on humming.. I manuevered to the rear of the flying orbicular object and lost sight of it for a bit but could still hear the humming.
I walked up a ramp to get to the second level where it was at and looked at the rear side of it. To my amazement I could see some numbers and writing! English! WTF!! Well this revelation freaked me out and at about this time it started to rotate towards me.
I grabed a broom and utilized it to fly really really really high. Too high actually but it seemed to be a safe distance from the object which kind of looked for me but went about its way.

The funny thing with flying in dreams utilizing an apparatus is the slight loss of speed control. And before i knew it i was far from this dream and looking down upon another one which looked good!!

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