Monday, September 8, 2008

The Spirit -The Eagle -The Seed- Key 0

The Spirit ~ The Eagle ~ The Seed -Key 0
The mediums for this painting are Acrylic and Water color.
Here we see the Union of opposites, of absolute nothingness combined with form and measure. The union of which births The Eagle which electrifies and gives way to The Seed.
What is life and its purpose? The combination of two impossibilities. Absolutes in a non-absolute. Definition,will,inspiration,power. Everything and nothing all at once.
This relates to the Folly of Mankind. Taking life serious as if it was a permanent place and space.
The Eagle reminds us that there are always bigger birds about and that through the right use of the willpower everything that was impossible becomes possible.
This is also a promise and gift from The Spirit. With the proper use of will the Seed can birth into yet another life. From seed to sprout to tree and fruit to seed again.

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