Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sometimes there is nothing better than some good ole home cooked food! It seems that so much of what I'm consuming is being made by somebody else who could care less what I think of it, as long as they get paid. Now I LOVE to eat out. Experience new restaurants and try new foods. I really love spicy food but I am just as happy with the "no frills" good tasting corn seen above.
When I travel on the road for business I am in a constant state of restaurants and virtually nothing from a home. and that is just the way it is when traveling. The closest I usually get is that I bring my own tea bags along and emergency coffee for when I am camping.. Okay I'm a bit hungry right about now.

And what's better than a nice locally grown and bottled Red (or white ) Wine?
I love beer so that's just the way of it. And it has its time and purpose(how long and how much I want to drink) but a good glass of wine seems to make the dreams come faster and the Blues sing away.....

Can I ramble a bit??
Okay Good home cooked food, good wine and some good blues in the background hmm what else....Good friends! ".................. Let the good times roll............"

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