Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Into Oblivion I./II./..

Into Oblivion without ado.
Proclaim this for Your-Self
The messenger will arrive.
You have to remove all thought,
out of your eyes to see.
You have to remove all association,
out of your ears to hear.

Ye can stay in the stasis of stagnancy,
But it is not the truth

Ye may think that a long life, is to be lived in the times to come.
But it is not the truth.

Ye might assume that thou know thy self from thine actions.
But it is not the truth.
And for you I shall unveil, a riddle of virtue and the key to it all.

It is alive and well and forever found, but is no-where at all.

These truths are not to be found within rational concepts of thought, and being that, they must be experienced and not remembered.
In time we all may find the key, residing in our world.
What may my number be in eternity?
For that is the scope of identity.

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