Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cahokia Mounds 07/31/08

If you don't already know this , I own my own business selling jewelry and have done this for quite a few years..One thing I love about the biz is the traveling and another is the freedom.. Traveling to far away towns and cities, meeting people from all over and checking out really cool places.. This summer I drove out to Colorado from Pennsylvania for the Bluegrass and Beer Festival.. What fun.! I stopped along the way at a really cool place just outside of St Louis on the IL side.. Cahokia Mounds..Yeah the urban development is all around and a pretty busy road goes right next to the main mound but it is such a surreal experience and kind of a history lesson of sorts for those of us that were taught that the native North Americans were roaming wild all the time.I've been having trouble loading videos but I'll see if this thing will work..
No. no such luck with the video...How about some pics?


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  1. OMG! How weird, I was just talking to someone about Cahokia the other day. I went many years ago and loved it! the Irony of being on top of the sacraficial mound was unbelievable... sitting here alive where many were killed for no purpose... odd! I loved the place.


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