Wednesday, June 25, 2008

KEY 10 The Wheel/Machine

This piece is pulled from the seed of life /flower of life/tree of life ,etc..
This fraction is what energy entrainment is being used, or the section in the seed which is used to designate the location of the manifesting awareness.

People in power are using this as a harbor on the ocean of life. But life is lived out there on the sea.

By propagating this influence the awareness that is affected is bundled in this section of the seed.
The influences are traceable as can be seen in Masonic , Catholic, Christian, Satanic,etc. Look and See!
All those influenced in belief or faith with these "images" go to this area of the "Spirit" or "Paradise".
But using this matrix as a boost and not as a hinge seems the best .

What can be drawn from this is that a being of extremely well developed power pulled a slice of the seed out and designated how our culture of beings(humans) would be harvested or set aside some space for as much awareness as is imaginable. More than likely the being is the grid or the grid is its home.
All of our messengers have been misinterpreted and deliberately had their words misconstrued.
Not always is it outside influence.
Perhaps it should be more appropriate that by passing down information not of self reflection, which is part of rationalization, we pass down a faulty program.
But it is the blessing of the 3rd dimensional being,until it succumbs to an "indulgence of action" or a "re-action", impressed by the actions and energies of parents and others.

The truth of this as is .:.

It shows the difference in the dream vs. reality.
Our Reality; nothing more than a part of the overall dream.
Our Time; the speed of our chosen "pocket" in the dream.

Visit a dreams time.
How much time can pass?
A lot?
In dream time the expression and intensity of certain images can cause time warps in which all time and space warp.
At this point if strength and courage are present and the image and scenario are played out,one is capable of jumping to another "pocket" in the dream state.
With practice this allows you to choose a slower moving pocket = a change in the intensity of time/images = Living within a "paradise of reality not at all unlike our own but extended in space and time. A portal to another somewhere.

Lets have a look at that image again..... Lets look at the anomalies in KEY 10.
In it the "Guide" into the dream is the lowest green circle.

The person dreaming is the lowest red circle and its physical location or body is the lowest "X" circle.
So it goes person sleeping x circle.
Dreamed body awareness; lowest red circle
this is attached to the guide.
The rest are to be explored as entities and powers to unfold into your life.

For the person who is asleep and has no awareness of this within the dream, the moment is never grasped and willed.The feeling is "Who needs it anyway?"

In understanding the time difference of lets say, skin cells vs. dogs vs. humans vs. stars vs. moments in a quasi real world that you call a dream.
All I ask is , It seemed real when you were dreaming it didn't it?

The best opponent or challenge or war.
Death by far exceeds all such battles.
Keeping my Eye on Eternity.


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