Friday, June 20, 2008

The great wonder

Today we dream as no one dreams. A wall of true life is coming soon. One way or another that change is coming. We place our desires here there and everywhere in the hopes of a future that will not exist. We walk and act and talk on this dream with no knowledge of the veil that is slowly lifting. Some of us may want to stay asleep right up until the light shines on our faces and beckons the dawning of this new way (day). Take heart in knowing your not alone. That all those you see around you are acting on this same stage as if it were real. Here I am playing right along with you with a light smile. We are one big family rowing our canoe on a peaceful river.I can just here the sounds of the rapids drawing close and an almost thundering sound. "We need to follow the direction of those that have come before us." My urging is not heard. "I was told there is a gentle slope in the river over to the right shore. And I worry that there is a waterfall approaching." How do I make others hear? If it depended on all life as we know it would I just go along with the stream?

I drift waiting for the answers to come.

Will I act?

Will I lead others?
Survival cannot be made alone. Not in this.

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