Saturday, April 18, 2009

mmm Charmed...

I spent a lovely day with Stephanie going to Antique shows and Flea market type things hunting for deals and found quite a few..
I have been learning about and practicing working with Silver. And I have been looking for Sterling Silver Spoons to make jewelry with. My initial checks online came up with no good deals on plain ole Spoons but today I scored at an antique show and picked up several forks soons and 2 salt spoons.. This evening I have been hammering away on my new interest in Hammered Silver earrings which I still need some practice with. Soon I hope to add some Spoon rings to the collection.. I do sell jewelry already but am delighted with the prospects of actually making some quality Silver Jewelry of my own... Although I won't be putting these designs on the website I can always send pics via email so you can see the new fun stuff!! for reference my website is: ..
After the hunting we went out for a 90 minute hike at the local State park... Oh such a beautiful day filled with Buttercup flowers, streams, birds, and lots of Sun ;)
ta ta ....

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