Monday, October 20, 2008

Times they are a changing

Here is a tid bit about me as I ramble about my life to come to some sort of conclusion.
I traveled alot on the fringes of having nothing. No money, no home, not many clothes, just not much "stuff".. I was young and in love with someone I thought would be the"one". Now I look back and say"..those were good times.."
Except that while in those situations, I was worried and struggled and hoped and feared. Not too much different from now. I settled in Colorado Springs and said that I would never go East again. I got a job working as an appointment setter. Phone work. And I was good! I was management within 6 months and running the office in another 6mo.
Prior to that I made money on the road by making and selling beaded jewelry. Or the occasional day labor. I worked all around the country in so many different jobs it boggles my mind. So all was good in Colo sprgs. Good job great relationship and my needs met. Then changes happened and the story changed. I lost the girl quit the job and moved to PA. Sure I got a new job and love found its way into my life. That is the pattern for me. Once I learned of the pattern, I set out to change it.

So I got busy with the business and began traveling again but now with a way to make a living while doing it! This is what I've been doing since 2000. Moving around and working.. So this got boring and tiring. So now I'm in PA again and in 2005 decided to get involved with the Silver Jewelry angle of business. A little more stress and alot more invested. In 2006 the price of gold and silver rose, dramatically! Then followed the gas prices. So my cost to buy the silver and my cost to drive around to everywhere started to eat into my profit. S*** hit the fan in 2007 with record high silver and gas prices, again in 2008! Well I figured that was probably the end to my new business venture, I settled into PA and figured I'd ride it out with a blah job at a coffee shop and sell on the side...
So everyone starts freaking out about the gas prices and how high they are and all this. So the market crashes. The price of gas goes down and Silver plummets. I can buy goods and drive around and as the market stabalizes I seem to have a few more glory days in me.
Whats next? Oh wait I shouldn't have asked that....


  1. What's Next? The rest of your interesting adventure you call life. you inspire me, I'm so happy you found the love, the freedom and the economy is working out for you. Peace to you my friend, thank you for the words on my blog that touch me so deeply you inspire me to go forward every time i read them.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog.

    I'm enjoying your writing...I'll be back.


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