Saturday, October 18, 2008

California 08 Wine tasting part 1

I'm back from California and involved in a solid 12 days of work without a break....

A little recap on the adventures in California.

The flight was very smooth and uneventful:)

Upon arriving in Sacramento around 830PST(1130EST) Stephanie and I drove up to Roseville to my moms and after a few hours of catching up promptly fell asleep.
The next day we went looking for some good wine and found a lovely winery called Mt Vernon. right inside Auburn.

They liberally poured their many wines and we shipped a few back home to enjoy later...

Now we were a bit slippery and thought "..hey lets find another.." Not the best idea. Luckily it was a co op tasting room in Audurn and the woman there was so liberal with the wine she didn't even use a measured pour! So that was as far as we could go on the first run, 2 spots and a slightly tipsy memory. But what fun!

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