Monday, October 27, 2008

So long to be away but such a short time to be there

So here I am again. Watching the slow march of the winter grey clouds overtake the crisp blue morning sky. I love heavy rain showers and fall colors and today I think I may retreat to the local park for some colorful pics... I have been working non stop since getting back from California and now it feels as if the whole trip was just a dream..(but I have pictures to prove it was real)

The trip was full of sightseeing and wine tours.

All things I really never did too much of because I'm always there. After the last vacation post , we went to visit my brother in San Fran and did the Alcatraz tour. At first we went along with the tour and then we had the option to do an audio tour. We were like "..hmm , nah.." so we wandered
around and took some pictures.

A view of San Fran from Alcatraz

Then we wandered into the building and it was absolultely quiet! I mean dead silent except for the shuffling of hundreds of people walking this way and that way somewhat in packs. And they all had earphones on!

So I took a picture to immortalize the freakiness of it and then joined them by getting the earphones and shuffling around as we learned about random facts "on the rock". So where to next? My brother works as a busser/server at a killer place in DT S/F a menu full of beers and wines and awesome food! After a nice dinner. We went back to his apt. for the eve...
The next day I really wanted to go to my favorite Thai restaurant in the US!! Last year I missed the opportunity so I was craving it... It's called Gatip Thai on Lombard on the western side of the famous Lombard switch-back street. So After a great Lunch we set off for The Sarah Winchester House.!! Check out these pics

She liked the dollhouse designed rooves and Spiderwebs!
Sounded like a pretty cool lady:)

She had builders working 24hrs a day at double the days pay. When she put on an addition she just built it right next to the other wall which actually helped it survive the 2 big earthquakes there because they all shifted around and banged into each other but weren't all attached, hmm..

Well hope to post more adventures soon ..Hope you all have an amazing week as the Sun slowly moves South:)


  1. WOW two of the most amazing and haunted places i want to visit and you two went! I am SO jealous and happy for you, what great shots too!!! I'm so glad you had fun!

  2. It was a blast. The winchester house was really awesome. And to think people live right there and don't even know it exists..


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