Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clouds of Synchronicity

If only I could track and rely on synchronicity and coincidences throughout my day..
I love how life has little assurances to let us know we're on the right track..
About 2 weeks ago I happened to be in a town called Phoenixville in Penn. They were having a street fair type thing with bands playing all over town, pretty cool thing to stumble upon. Well it turns out that the headliner was Splintered Sunlight(a Grateful Dead cover band of sorts). So I look them up on myspace, find them , and check out where they play.
A somewhat local bar around the area has a "tie dye" night on Thursday where they are the exclusive band.
Now anybody down in Florida( Tampa or Pompano Beach) knows of the Thursday night Dead nights. Vendors come out and the music plays on, Its a real good time. So i was thinking "...hmmmm. I wonder if this place has the same gig?..."
Okay so that is as far as I got with that 2 weeks ago. Fastforward to lastnight.
I'm working the register at the Coffee shop and this girl walks in wearing a cosmic charlie slightly tie dyed t-shirt. She's got this blue tooth thingy on and she's talking to herself(Bluetooth).
She says something about selling a tye dye which of course I immediatly hear ,as a vendor you kind of learn to hear sales things.
And I'm like, " You sell Tie dyes?"
She says, "Yeah sure do."
"Oh at this place on Thursday night they call it tie-dye Thursdays."

So that's how it works. Just when you forget about it , it happens.
It's like when you mis place your keys and you look everywhere. As soon as you let it go ,there they are!
So after my jewelry show on Thursday I'm gonna stroll over and check out the scene, and enjoy some tunes..
Somedays I float on a cloud of perfect timing and the intricate web of synchronicity, and then I play the lotto :)


  1. Do you know, this is why I added you. I remember to add Coincidences and Synchronicity to my interests, I clicked on it,and it came up with you, either on the same page or another page.

    I am a fully believer in this. My only issue is that I am also a believer in the law of attraction, which focuses on visualization. So it is almost as if they don't work together... hmmm what do you think? Are you into LOA too?

  2. Thank you!! Its funny I have been having conversations with non-believers and believers alike about this "law".. I plan to post something about it when I get more available time.. There are several "laws" and they are what they are. Take it or leave it but they'll still remain the same.. Hope your having a great day!!


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