Monday, September 22, 2008

I am a basket case

Here is a poem inspired by the design of my astrology chart.

I am a Basket Case and my Basket is empty

My life is a basket filled with all my memories, all my dreams, all my expressions.
Only my basket is upside down, spilling its contents all over the place for all to see.
My desire runs deep for security and communion. I would have nothing more than your love.
Looming overhead is the constant shadow of my basket as it covers the Sun of my happiness.
I am bare to the world,expressing myself openly for all to see.
And the world is impressed.
I am bare and have nothing but an empty basket to cover my head.
It could be different.
I could have a basket full of impressions, ideas, and all my relations.
I would carry it all around, comfortable with my ability to hold onto it all.
Your love would replenish my frailty with faith and my fear with fervor.
But this is not how my cards were given to me.
I am a basket case through and through and my basket is upside down.
Its contents forever spilling.
All of my dreams, memories and expressions come out for the world to witness.

10-08-07 HUN CAUAC
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Each chart has a design or pattern created by the angles of one planet to another.
When you look at a chart composed to show these angles you can often see an overall pattern , but not always.
I did a chart for someone once who had a near perfect pentagram as the design!
That's pretty rare.
What neat aspects and angles do you have?


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