Friday, September 12, 2008

And so it begins,,,again

And now I'm beginning to feel the reality of the season approaching... Christmas!!
Yes I whistle jingle bells all year long just to freak people out. Back to the 6-7 days a week work schedule and all that jazz.. Right now I'm busy fixing up my site,taking pictures of new jewelry, lining up shows through the end of the year,arranging templates to work with the pictures I'm taking,posting the show dates to the various calendars and posting this blog.. anybody need anything ? I'm heading out of my brain for a bit and will be right back with chips and a beer.. :)

No really... as of (hopefully) next week I will be undated with the goings on of a busy life! Which I love .
On top of working the cafe scene three times a week I will be setting up at various colleges and universities , selling at Skippack Days art fest, Visiting California family in mid October , then I've got Octoberfest. I may or may not go to Florida for a Halloween show. Ride on a train with some sort of mystery play which sound slike alot of fun. whew.. It's great to be alive
So I sit here contemplating the possible truth to these absolutly unexplainable crop circles !^_^


  1. Is it really snowing there??? It's so beautiful here! You should book a show somewhere around here, i dont know KC is not far from where i live only 2-3 hours.... Springfield has cool art walks friday nights where they have vendors and music set up all over... would be cool to meet and CHEERS to life! sounds like your life is pretty fun to me. I'll be looking at your pictures online soon, i think you have great taste in jewelry! Can't wait. Bams

  2. no its not snowing here but I guess with the last few posts it seems it could be.. Just a tid bit cool in the air.


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