Saturday, June 6, 2009

A place for all my pictures to gather...Part 1 ~ Italia

So I have taken a lot of pictures of different things over the course of the last few years... And since my last computer crash in ... um ...2006, I think, I have accumulated another mass of pics. And rather than just pitch them to the recycle bin I think I will just "unload" them here and share the journeys of old..... :)
So what follows is a pictorial experience from my computer to the viewer...
Pictorial #1 Italy
I took a bad digital camera with me so all the pictures are leaving a bit to the imagination

Many old structures are dilapidated over time and as such have growts or illegible writing..
Adds to the mystique I think

I love the look of this fountain edge with coral surrounding it

The Boboli Gardens are a must!

Old man Moss mouth

Neptune's in sanctum


Righteous Sun Deity Fountain!

This look is pretty cool.. Like some beast in the midst

Jokers in the trees

Fountain enshrouded


Dolphin Rider

A series of Fountains all within the Boboli Gardens...

Endless avenues of vines

Goddess at the crossroads

An Egyptian Obelisk

A grand arena

I could fill endless spaces with beautiful trees..If only i had a better camera to have captured this one :(

I could imagine paying 5 Euro a day just to come to this pond and enjoy the beautiful day... And it seemed to be the thing to do.

A view of Firenze from the Park

Works of art by modern artists abound

A mountain town near La Spezia.
Is this where you live?

The Mediterranean in Viareggio

Viareggio and mountain backdrop

Now another amazing place is the Museum tat features minerals..
The following are detailed inlay work from long ago....Believe it or not.

Yes the stairs too

Fireplace of Malachite.. Only in my dreams.

An exquisite mural of what appears to be Masons working on a project..

Serpent and Vase

All Stone flowers!!! This would be a nice gift to a lovely lady :)

I marvel at these and am compelled to do better things with my limited skills when I see such amazing detailed works

Another look at the Malachite Fireplace

Close up

Neat Scepters

Each panel of this ....desk?... is inlayed stone.. Birds , flowers fruit, etc.

Lapis Lazuli Sky

Sometimes its nice to get the info for a piece too. Cosimo was one powerful guy in his day.

Nice Peaches, of stone..

Now I gather that the following museum was architecture and remnants from the original Duomo in Florence. Statues plaques and more to follow.

Run, hide, flee, torturers at foot



Adam and Eve

Minstrel in the galleria

Ceiling of the Duomo in Florence

Clock in the Duomo

Just outside of the Duomo

I'm always drawn by strange moments and interesting light. While floating around Florence there happened to be a Church opened to the public for a short amount of time.. getting inside of the building and seeing all the pretty work and structures. This was actually a priestly residence of sorts and this pic is the interesting green moss growing in the courtyard....

Ceiling inside monastery

The Museum of Science is a MUST. Even if your not into it you can see truly how far we have come in our understanding of time and space to our development in technologies. Such as this Dread here on his Penny Farthing..circa 1890's?

Early elemental table..
Lets understand that modern Chemistry is birthed from the Alchemists of old.. Many generations have come to bring us what we have today. Lets not waste the precious gift.

Hardly seen is the Moon in the distance.. Full on the Arno

Firenze from Michelangelo's house?

My front yard, Piazza del Signoria

An unknown fountain that is long since gone

Fort Belvedere . The tracks on the steps from long use.

And I think its done! Thanks for joining me on the pictorial diary.. Tune in next time as we hit the many different albums in yet another folder on this computer..
Good day and Good night :)

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