Friday, November 28, 2008

such and such and so and so....

So the rush begins.. The flurry of activity as if to stay warm.. Holiday season is here and I am as busy as ever.. Not that I'm making tremendous amounts of money or anything just the flurry of commotion in life seems to have increased.. My website is up and running but needs some tweeks and I recon advertising too.... The cafe experience is becoming more of an overwhelming and time/enrgy consumer..... I look towards a slower season. And I know
I was looking forward to this busy time when it was slow. So now I see the grass as greener as it always is.haha

"In the presence of water the fool is thirsty"
In a crowd I like to sit on the outside to observe the subtle reactions of the people consumed by the activity of the center.. Hope everyone is warm and full of fuzziness during this cold season:)


  1. I'm trying to do the "follow blog" thing and it says "it doesn't appear there is a feed" do you think that is because there is no follow blog gadget on your page? Well, if you know please let me know how I can put it on my follow list. thx

  2. Good to be back! and I'm not sure how to follow blogs really either... I'll see if i can find the follow thingy...:-)


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