Wednesday, October 29, 2008


So here I sit on my day off getting my car inspected and getting the 3000mi oil change done. I only have today off to do it before the inspection is up and so I got to see yet another Sunrise on my way out to the world.. The internet reception is spotty at best here, and because I was late getting here today I REALLY get to waste a whole day here.... So much for a day off... Tomorrow I drive 2 hours to set up at the University of Delaware.. Then working till next weekend. I think I'll take a little break after that to recuperate. CHEERS!!!
P.S. No this is not the most uplifting post but it does reflect the weather for the day; Cloudy with a little Sunshine possible flurries later in the Eve

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  1. Cool pics here, I like! Very expressive :) Interesting blog too, great fun to read, I'll definitely be back!

    Anna :)


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