Friday, October 3, 2008

Here and there again...

Oh have I been busy! So its been a busy week already and I'm really only half of the way through it. Today I set up my booth and tables at the show (and hope it doesn't blow away) and tomorrow EARLY get set up and work into the night. Sunday is a repeat of Saturday. Then off to the Cafe Mon-wed and on thursday catch a flight to California! What fun!

The last 2 shows were great and its looking good for the rest of the season.. I just received a huge package of Amber jewelry to sort through so I'm off to work sort of.
:) Hope all is as a new day with the Sun in thine eye as a morning on a cold crisp winter day..


  1. OH i totally want your life! :) I love that you get to do "mostly' what you like. Hugs my friend.

  2. My mantra is:
    "...Life is too short to________..."
    (fill in the blank).
    There is always a balance in there somewhere.....


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